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Welcome to Saint Thomas the Apostle

Orthodox Christian Church!

We are a Christ-centered church who loves to have visitors, and you are welcome to visit or join us for a service anytime! All services are conducted in English. While our church was founded by immigrants from Slovakia, Poland and Western Ukraine, today we are comprised of peoples of all ethnic backgrounds, most of whom are American converts to the ancient Orthodox Christian faith.


If you have questions or would like to visit when there isn't a service, please use the email contact form on the bottom of this page to contact our priest, Fr. Joseph Edgington.

A Word From the Holy Fathers

"O blessed John, who taught you to say these things?

How then did you say, “In the beginning was the Word”? Who lifted you up to such a great height? Who endowed your mind with such wings? For through faith you left the earth, and came to stand above the air, and passed beyond the ether; you flew beyond the supramundane heights of heaven; you leapt over the things above; you went past archangels; you were put on a level with the seraphim; you arrived at the throne of the Lord, surrounded by the cherubim; you were given wings by faith; you proclaimed with a loud voice the inconceivable engendering; you proclaimed the incomprehensible existence; you discoursed on the Word that has no beginning."

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- St. Proclus, Archbishop of Constantinople, Homily 15 On the Engendering of Christ




4419 Leonardtown Rd  Waldorf, MD  20601

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Services & Announcements
Upcoming Services
Saturday, January 28th
4:30pm Confession
5:00pm Great Vespers
Sunday, January 29th
8:45am Matins/Orthros
9:30am Sunday School
10:00am Divine Liturgy
Wednesday, February 1st
6:30pm Lay Vespers
  • US Supreme Court - Roe v. Wade Overturned
    It is important that our parish faithful in the aftermath of this Supreme Court ruling have accurate and concise information regarding the Orthodox Church's position on the Sacredness of Human Life and the termination of life via Abortion. The linked statements below were approved by the entire membership of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the USA:


  • (11/06/22) New Church App - Online Donation Available
    St. Thomas Parish now has a smartphone app! Our parish family is encouraged to download the “Church Center” app on either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once you've downloaded the App, search for our parish. From the app you can see the Church calendar, donate, participate in church groups, and be notified about important information from St. Thomas Church. There are two ways you can connect:
    • Download the Church Center app to your iOS or Android device
    • Or you can go to the website to give using the Church Center Website instead of the app

  • (10/10/22) Study Series - The Divine Liturgy

    Ever wondered why we do the things we do in Liturgy? When did the Liturgy come about? What did the Early church Fathers teach regarding worship? Why do we say 'Amen'? What is an Antiphon anyway?

    These and other questions will be explored during a new Study Series, Exploration of the Divine Liturgy beginning Wednesday, October 19 at St Thomas.

    In the series, will work through the Liturgy to understand why each part is there, its significance in our Corporate Worship and our personal Christian development with a goal of bringing us closer to Christ. We will look at historical writings and explanations to gain a better understanding of our Liturgy.

    The Series will begin Wednesday October 19 and will be held each Wednesday evening from 7:00 - 8:00 in the Parish Hall (house behind the church) following Lay Vespers (6:30 - 7:00). Please plan to attend and together we will gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Christian faith that is culminated in the Divine Liturgy.

    "The most important aspect of the divine service is that the Orthodox Christian enters into a mystical union with God through the celebration of the Mysteries, especially in the Mystery of Holy Communion; and from this union with God, the Orthodox Christian receives the power of Divine Grace to live a righteous life." -  Archpriest Seraphim Slobodskoy

  • (2/26/22) IOCC - Help People in Need

    The core of IOCC’s work has always been responsibly and effectively offering humanitarian aid. As of today, The IOCC has been in touch with partners in Ukraine and across the region.

    Please consider giving today by clicking this link

  • (2/8/22) Latest Covid Prayer List
    His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory has asked that we forward the attached Archpastoral Letter with the updated Covid-19 prayer list. It can be found here

SPF 50 - Scripture Prayer Family

Updated for Great Lent, 2022!!!

Lent is the perfect time to give your family’s spiritual life a boost (or a jump-start)! During our Lenten journey to Our Lord’s Passion, Death, and Resurrection during Holy Week and Pascha, the Church calls us to increase our fasting, prayer, and charity. These activities don’t just take place in the church building—they are meant to be part of our home life as Orthodox Christians.

During the weekdays of Lent, the Scripture readings in church are from the Old Testament. We have selected some Old Testament stories that are both connected to Pascha and are important for children to learn. We will learn about Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea; the Three Youths in the Furnace; and Jonah in the whale.

Follow the below links to participate in this campaign.

Click to Download Lent 2022 Issue (Mar 6 - Apr 16, 2022)

Click To Download Seventh Issue (Jul 7 - Oct 2, 2021)

Click To Download Sixth Issue   (Apr 4 - Jul 3, 2021)

Click To Download Fifth Issue 

Click To Download Fourth Issue

Click To Download Third Issue

Click To Download Second Issue

Click To Download First Issue 

We encourage you to be a part of the SPF50 Ministry.  If you missed the first few Issues of reading Scripture and Praying together as a family, you can join now. This Ministry is meant to be ongoing as Scripture reading and praying together as a family are meant to be an ongoing part of your family’s life in Christ.



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