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Next Sunday June 13, 2021






Welcome to Saint Thomas the Apostle

Orthodox Christian Church!

We are a Christ-centered church who loves to have visitors, and you are welcome to visit or join us for a service anytime! All services are conducted in English. While our church was founded by immigrants from Slovakia, Poland and Western Ukraine, today we are comprised of peoples of all ethnic backgrounds, most of whom are American converts to the ancient Orthodox Christian faith.


If you have questions or would like to visit when there isn't a service, please use the email contact form on the bottom of this page to contact our priest, Fr. Joseph Edgington.

A Thought from the Holy Clergy

Every one of us is in the image of God, and every one of us is like a damaged icon. But if we were given an icon damaged by time, damaged by circumstances, or desecrated by human hatred, we would treat it with reverence, with tenderness, with broken-heartedness. We would not pay attention primarily to the fact that it is damaged, but to the tragedy of its being damaged. We would concentrate on what is left of its beauty, and not on what is lost of its beauty.

And this is what we must learn to do with regard to each person as an individual, but also – and this is not always as easy – with regard to groups of people, whether it be a parish or a denomination, or a nation. We must learn to look, and look until we have seen the underlying beauty of this group of people. Only then can we even begin to do something to call out all the beauty that is there. Listen to other people, and whenever you discern something which sounds true, which is a revelation of harmony and beauty, emphasize it and help it to flower. Strengthen it and encourage it to live.

-Metropolitan Anthony Bloom of Sourozh





4419 Leonardtown Rd  Waldorf, MD  20601

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Services & Announcements
Upcoming Services
Wednesday, June 16th
6:00am Moleben to the Theotokos
Friday, June 18th
6:00am Moleben to the Cross
Saturday, June 19th
4:30pm Confession
5:00pm Great Vespers
Sunday, June 20th
8:45am Matins/Orthros
10:00am Divine Liturgy
  • (5/24/21) Updated Diocese COVID-19 Prayer List
    Please view the updated Protocol from Metropolitan Gregory and the updated Diocesan Prayer List - follow link listed under COVID 19 Special Petitions section

  • (4/4/21) Diocese Lent Retreat
    The online retreat was a huge success. So many people were able to receive spiritual profit from an excellent presentation by Fr. Jonathan Bannon, along with words of wisdom and encouragement from His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory.

    The video recording can be viewed here:
    A few pictures are also available here:

  • Camper/Parent Information - Pre-registration begins online starting April 10, 2021 @ 6pm. Register at Registration cutoff is April 30 @ 2:00pm, so please register before then.

    A Zoom meeting was held to provide information for campers and their parents for the 2021 camping season. A recording of the meeting that includes important information is located here.

    Due to State limits on gathering in numbers, the total number of campers each week will be 72. This means that pre-Registration for Camp will be on a First-Come First-Serve Basis!! Again, the pre-Registration for our 2021 Camp will be on a First-Come First-Serve Basis!! All 17 and 18 year olds (Juniors and Seniors) are asked to pre-register as soon as it opens, but no later than April 12. Please pre-Register at the link above.

  • Staff Requests for Camp - Ends April 5
    Important timely information for campers and request for 2021 Staff is located here. Please review as Staff Applications are due April 5, 2021.

    Please read the letter from Metropolitan Gregory for more information.

  • Great Lent - Read the Archpastoral letter from Metropolitian Gregory - "Holy and Great Lent is a truly beautiful period of time filled with moments in which we can focus our hearts and our minds on the grace of God. Through daily prayer, fasting, worship, and giving to others, and by the grace of God our lives will continue to be transformed by Him..." read entire letter

  • (2/6/21) Diocesan Homeroom Ministry
    Calling all youth ages 5-18...If you signed up for the new Diocesan “Homeroom” Ministry, don’t forget to PARTICIPATE online each week by posting comments, pictures and videos. Parents, if you signed your child up for the “Homerooms”, help them to participate. We have 65 youth from 27 parishes across the Diocese signed up for the “Homerooms”, but not all are participating yet. If you need any help logging on, downloading the app, or posting, or have any questions, please email Thank you!!

SPF 50 - Scripture Prayer Family

Updated for April 4, 2021!!!

Earlier, our Diocese started a new ministry for families: SPF50.

Thank you to all our families who have participated in the SPF50 Ministry. Together we have completed 5 of the SPF50 publications!!

The Sixth edition of SPF50 is now available. The reading schedule begins on April 4, 2021.

We are excited to continue the NEW reading program in the sixth edition!! The NEW reading program highlights many ESSENTIAL Biblical Stories like Creation, Noah and the Ark, the Exodus, the call of the Prophet Samuel, and many others throughout the Old and New Testaments.

If you haven’t joined SPF50 yet, now is a great time to start! Make a commitment to reading Scripture and praying together with your family. Even the busiest of families can make a commitment to read from the Bible and pray together for 50 minutes a month. Don’t forget to fill out the Commitment Card which is available in the SPF50 Section of the Diocesan Website, and then return the Card to your parish priest.

Orthodox Christian families face many challenges.  Engaging children with their faith both in church and at home and helping parents keep Christ as Head of their household present ongoing difficulties. Far too often, what is experienced at church on Sundays is not brought back into the home. When that disconnect remains, as youth leave home to begin a new life on their own, they will often leave the Church behind as well.

Follow this link to the Diocessan website for more information on how you and your family can participate in this campaign.

Click To Download First Issue 

Click To Download Second Issue

Click To Download Third Issue

Click To Download  Fourth Issue

Click To Download Fifth Issue 

Click To Download  Sixth Issue   (Apr 4 - Jul 3, 2021)

We encourage you to be a part of the SPF50 Ministry.  If you missed the first few Issues of reading Scripture and Praying together as a family, you can join now. This Ministry is meant to be ongoing as Scripture reading and praying together as a family are meant to be an ongoing part of your family’s life in Christ.



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