St. Thomas the Apostle
Orthodox Church
Waldorf, MD

Sunday May 19, 2024


Christ is risen!

 Khristósŭ voskrése!

Christos anesti!





Welcome to Saint Thomas the Apostle

Orthodox Christian Church!

We are a Christ-centered church who loves to have visitors, and you are welcome to visit or join us for a service anytime! All services are conducted in English. While our church was founded by immigrants from Slovakia, Poland and Western Ukraine, today we are comprised of peoples of all ethnic backgrounds, most of whom are American converts to the ancient Orthodox Christian faith.


If you have questions or would like to visit when there isn't a service, please use the email contact form on the bottom of this page to contact our priest, Very Reverend Fr. Joseph Edgington.

A Word From the Holy Fathers

We believe in the Gospel, but do we live in a way that is worthy of the Gospel? We confess and we call on the true God; but do we please Him with the faith and pure conscience that He requires of us? We listen to the holy word of God; but do we heed it, and do we correct ourselves according to its rules? We commune the holy and life-creating Mysteries of the Body and Blood of Christ; but are we renewed by Holy Communion and do we progress towards a new spiritual personality?

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- St. Tikhon of Zadonsk




4419 Leonardtown Rd  Waldorf, MD  20601

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Services & Announcements
Upcoming Services
Wednesday, May 22
6:30pm Lay Vespers
Sunday, May 26
8:45am Matins/Orthros
9:30am Sunday School
10:00am Divine Liturgy
Wednesday, May 29
6:30pm Lay Vespers


  • ACRY Engagement Survey The purpose of this survey is to gather perspectives on National ACRY events so that we can develop an event structure that appeals to the widest group of ACROD parishioners. We encourage all ACROD church parishioners to take the survey, regardless of involvement or member status in the ACRY.

    To take the survey, please follow the link:

  • Family Camp 2024: This will be our 10th Annual Family Camp!  Families are invited to come enjoy all that Camp has to offer!  The schedule will include services, meals together, games and activities, hiking, evening events, Ropes Course activities, keynote speakers and learning together, as well as plenty of free-time.  Kids will have time together just by themselves with special activities planned by the Camp Staff. Registration will open on February 1st and will close on May 20, 2024!!

    For more information, please go to the [Other Events in 2024] section on the Camp Nazareth website.

  • Camp Nazareth Summer Camp 2024: Get ready for another great year at Camp Nazareth with three one-week programs in July 2024, followed by Science and Nature Camp in August. 

    For more information, please go to the [Diocesan Summer Camp 2024] section on the Camp Nazareth website.

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  • On the 5th of February, in the Year of Our Lord 2024, His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory elevated the priest of St. Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Church in Waldorf, MD to the rank of Economos (οἰκονόμος) which means “Steward”, with the added title of “Very Reverend Father Joseph”. With this elevation, he was presented with the epigonation (Greek: ἐπιγονάτιον, literally meaning "over the knee"), or palitza (Russian: палица, "club"), is a diamond-shaped vestment worn on the right side by priests and bishops.
    In the Byzantine tradition, the epigonation is awarded to a priest upon his elevation to exomologos (confessor) or the rank of οικονόμος. In the Russian tradition, it is an award given after many years of service. Though a Russian Palitza is identical in shape, and is obviously related to the Greek epigonation, the most literal Slavonic translation for epigonation is actually "Nabedrennik", which is another vestment, rectangular in shape, which no longer exists in non-Slavic usage.
    It represents a shield, originating from the thigh shield worn by soldiers during the days of the early church. The epigonation holds a dual meaning. First, it denotes the celebrant as a "soldier" of Christ. Second, it symbolizes the Word of God, fighting the wiles of the enemy. In historical use it was a purse, representing the finances of the Church.
    In the Church of the fourth century, the οἰκονόμος was an official responsible for managing ecclesiastical property, under the supervision of the bishop. He was chosen by clergy and laymen who had some experience with the law. In the medieval era, the οἰκονόμος was a trustee and steward of the items necessary for the orderly functioning of his church, or of his monastery (if he was a monk). In Constantinople, during the early period, an οἰκονόμος was a high official in the service of the Church and not necessarily himself in the clergy. At least one Ecumenical Patriarch, Kyriakos of Constantinople (595–606), served as οἰκονόμος and treasurer of the Great Church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople prior to his election to the patriarchal throne.
    Today this is an honorary title to be awarded to presbyters by the bishop for exceptional service to the Church. For their 21 years of faithful service to the parish of St. Thomas, may the Lord our God grant to His servant, the Very Reverend Father Joseph and Pani Elizabeth many blessed years!

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