Report from Camp Nazareth

As you all know, the kids from our parish just came back from Camp Nazareth. We are all proud to say that this is one of our best years. This year we played ring ball, had some amazing food, witnessed not one but two weeping icons, had a bonfire, movie night, trivia games, had a Russian festival, pool party, dance, slip and slide, and the Bishop’s favorite - the dizzy bat. This is just a few of the amazingly fun activities we did. I am almost positive that everybody if not more people are coming back next year. Below is what some of our campers had to report being their favorite parts about camp this summer……….

Jocelyn Connour: my camp experience was awesome. I loved the sports. The entire thing was so much fun I can't pick a favorite part!

Mary Vallandingham: Camp Nazareth was a really amazing experience & I am blessed to be able to take part in it. The beautiful area, along with the dedicated people in it, is both a refreshment and an encouragement.

Ashley Vallandingham: Camp Nazareth changed my life and so did the weeping icon, and I love the bunks.

Tyler Vallandingham: I like everything! Camp Nazareth changed my life with the weeping icon and everything - the food, the people, the deacon, the priests - and I really loved the bishop; and the counselors are really funny.

Caleb Karbowski: my favorite part of camp was going stargazing with my cabin 3 boys and the sports.

Katia Dewey: I liked how well our cabin got together and making new friends, and of course I loved the food.

Adam Roberts: My favorite part about Camp Nazareth has always been all the new people I got to meet and reuniting those that I have known for years because of camp. I also loved the fact that whenever anyone needed help there was immediately someone there helping with whatever that person needed. I can’t wait return again next year.

Carol Vallandingham: I loved the beauty of the 150 young voices at the services, with the young men as cantors, with the Bishop and all the priests. So beautiful! Secondly, was the entertainment put on by the counselors during the campfire. What a dedicated, talented group!

AJ McNeil: My favorite part was meeting new people, seeing my old friends, all the activities, free time, and the church services.

Kristen McNeil: my favorite part was seeing old friends that I haven't seen in years and the whole camp experience.

Ashley McNeil: I had no favorite part of camp. I absolutely loved everything about everything. From the food to the people, Camp Nazareth is paradise on earth for me. I'm already counting down till the camp next year.