St. Thomas the Apostle
Orthodox Church
Waldorf, MD
Commemorative Breads – “Prosphoriki”
 Some have asked (and others perhaps have just wondered), “What are those cute little breads in the narthex (entry) of the church - and those lists for names of Living and Departed’ beside them?”

Well, the little breads (prosphoriki ) and the two lists (diptychs) of names for the living and the departed are provided so that all of us can participate more fully in the Liturgy. To do this, first write the names of those you wish to have remembered in the prayers of the Church on the appropriate list – living and/or departed. Then take a fresh bread from the rear basket, or two breads if you’re remembering both the living and the departed, and place the bread(s) on top of your list(s) into the front basket. An altar server will take them to the table of preparation in the sanctuary, where the priest will offer prayers for each person named on your diptychs. For each of them, he also places a particle of your prosphoriki on the diskos. At the Great Entrance the diskos is carried to the Holy Table (Altar) and later offered up to God in thanksgiving as the priest prays, “We offer unto You, Yours of Your own, in behalf of all and for all.”

Your Prosphoriki, minus the particles, and your diptychs are placed in a plastic bag for you to take home and consume during the week. Remember in prayer as you do so, those whose names were offered up to God during the previous Liturgy. An offering of $1.00 is requested for each Prosphoriki, and is used to help offset the operating expenses of the parish.