St. Thomas the Apostle
Orthodox Church
Waldorf, MD
2023 Holy Week / Pascha

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2018 Gallery

Parish Events:

Aug 15th - The Dormition of the Theotokos

Aug 6th - The Transfiguration of the Lord

July Baptisms

May 20th - The David's 50th Wedding Anniversary (Crowning) & High School Graduates Recognition and Scholarship Presentation

Apr 8th - Pascha (Easter)

Apr 2nd-7th - Holy Week

Apr 1st - Feast of Palm Sunday

Mar 25th - Chrismation (Annointing) of John and Feast of Annunciation

Jan 19th - Annual March for Life (Washington, D.C.)

Jan 6th - Feast of Theophany (Christ's Baptism and Blessing of the Waters)

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2017 Gallery

Parish Life Events:

April 16th - Pascha

July 23rd - Pentacost

Aug 5th - Gazebo Raising

Aug 6th - Transfiguration

Aug 15th - Dormition (Vesperal Liturgy on Aug 14th)

Sep 4th - Baptism of Logan "Bessarion" Grant

Sep 24th - Dn Stephen Hall Co-celebrates Liturgy

Oct 14th - Baptism of Josh "Basil" Keeran

Dec 2nd - Baptism of the newborn Simon, and, a booth at the NAS Patuxent River Craft Fair

Dec 10th - St Nicholas Visits

Dec 24th - Holy Nativity Services

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