St. Thomas the Apostle
Orthodox Church
Waldorf, MD
St Thomas Icon Continuation Project

Our church officers have unanimously approved the next phase of iconography at St. Thomas, which will complete work in the Narthex (the entry of the church) and in the Holy Place (the curved wall in the altar area). Icons of two Seraphim on the ends of the curved walls (above-right) will cost $1,700 each. Icons of the ten Bishops flanking the icon of the Heavenly Banquet in front of the altar (above, either side of the Banquet already in the Holy Place) will cost $2,000 each.  We will also be moving Gorazd of Prague, a bishop whose icon currently hangs in the Nave, into the Holy Place with an icon of John of Damascus being put in his place, which can be sponsored for $600.  The writing above the icons, as well as the "tablecloth" below will be completed, and costs have been combined with the sponsorship of the Bishops.  

Due to a small opening in our iconographer's schedule, we might have these icons installed in 2018. The last time we offered this opportunity to glorify God in His church, the response was tremendous. So, if you are interested in participating, please contact Josh Moore through the email form below.


The Bishops to be placed in the Holy Place are currently planned to be ($2,000 to sponsor one):

Basil the Great 
Gregory the Great
John Chrysostom
Cyprian of Carthage
Athanasius the Great
Cyril of Alexander
Leo the Great
Ignatius of Antioch (sponsored)
Peter Moghila  
Seraphim in the Holy Place ($1,700 to sponsor), (1 remaining, 1 sponsored)
John of Damascus for the Sanctuary ($600 to sponsor)
Pledged Funds:  $3,700
Remaining Needed:  $20,300

Make a donation to the Icon Project! Please let us know if you would like to sponsor a Bishop, a Seraphim, John of Damascus, or the amount you would like to donate towards the project...every penny counts!

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